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Dear diary: The guilt

Dear diary, A week before I experienced the “worst flu ever”, I had intimacy with this guy. That was three months ago. Today, he texted me. He’s been having flu for 4 straight days. ¬† Huwag naman po sana…

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Why you should always hope it won’t rain when commuting

1. Traffic congestion¬†results to intensified air pollution. 2. Inclemency of the weather increases the likelihood of catching other viruses. 3. Passenger congestion leads to higher exposure to people who can pass communicable diseases. 4. Flooding makes you more exposed to … Continue reading

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On dating a non-positive person

Probably one of the major social problems associated w/ this condition is … …Coming out to your family (if you decide so). …Coming out to your friends (if you decide so). …Coming out to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife (which you should do). … Continue reading

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Dear future self

If ever you’re feeling down because of the changes in your body or because you received your CD4 count, cheer up! Divert your attention to your original objective — keeping yourself healthy. Don’t let this virus take its toll on … Continue reading

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This is my journey with HIV. And I am not alone.

The day I received my HIV result, one of the first things that came to mind was to create a blog… a place where I could rant all I want instead of keeping things to myself.¬†Then I learned about Pozzie … Continue reading

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