St. Luke’s Medical Center treatment hub: Things to know

Last updated on 10 June 2017

For those who might still be unaware, St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) recently opened its own HIV treatment hub in Global City. The hub is called Clinic 1276.

Here are some FAQs:

1. What are the requirements to enroll in the hub?

For newly-diagnosed patients who will enroll in a treatment hub for the first time:

  • Confirmatory test result from SACCL
  • Latest laboratory results
  • Philhealth MDR and other applicable documents such as certificate of contribution and CF1 signed by HR (Note: no photocopies and e-sig allowed)

For patients who will transfer from other treatment hub, additional requirements are as follows:

  • Clinical Abstract and Referral
  • EB DOH form B and C
  • Health regimen booklet
  • OHAT transfer certificate

2. What are the standard annual benefits under PhilHealth with regard to consult, refill, and laboratory procedures?

If the patient files OHAT PhilHealth Package Claims with the hub correctly and consistently (i.e. every quarter):

  • On the 2nd Filing, the patient is eligible to avail CD4 testing (6th month).
  • On the 4th Filing, the patient is eligible to avail Viral Load testing (12th month).
  • Consult with ID specialist every quarter
  • ARV Funding
  • On the 2nd year, patient may optionally choose the CBC, CREA, SGPT, SGOT, & FBS package instead of CD4

The standard testing for CD4 is conducted daily with a cutoff at 3pm. Results are released after 2-3 days.

Viral Load extraction is every Friday and the cutoff is at 10 am. Results are released on the following Monday. Both testing can be done anytime if patient is unable to comply with the schedule but the turnaround time of the results are always as mentioned.

3. Are there charges I should be aware of?

The pharmacy charges a fee of Php100/bottle of refill for storage handling.

4. What are the operation hours of Clinic 1276?

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1pm-9pm
Wednesdays & Fridays: 8am-4pm
Saturdays: 9am-5pm
Sunday/Monday/ Holiday: Closed

5. Do you have a list of affiliated ID consultants?

Salvador M. Abad Santos, MD  (M T Th F 2-3pm)
Ferdinand G. Alcala, MD  (M T W F 9:30-12nn)
Ma. Charmian M. Hufano, MD  (T Th Sat 10-12nn)
Ryan M. Llorin, MD   (M W F 10-3pm; Sat 10-12nn all by appointment)
Mario M. Panaligan, MD  (Call for appointment)
Suzanne V. Santos, MD  (M 1-5pm; Th 11-1pm; F 1-5pm)
Carmenchu Marie E. Villavicencio, MD  (M 2-4pm; W F 11-1pm; Sat call for appointment)

6. Are anti-tb prophylaxis medicines available and free for the newly diagnosed? Which baseline tests are covered?

Yes, INH is available in SLMC. Since Clinic 1276 was just launched February 14 of this year, no baseline testing is being covered. All prescribed tests are shouldered by the patient.

Source: Clinic 1276, SLMC (Email correspondence on 10 June 2017)

For more inquiries, Clinic 1276 may be reached through 0939-930-3182 or (02)789-7700 local 8276. Their official email address is room1276.bgc(at)

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